What we do


The priorities of our activities are in developing young people`s potential in Estonia and the region, supporting democracy in our region, counteracting propaganda of post-Soviet authoritarian regimes, educating and informing young people, supporting and developing culture and integrating Russian-speakers into the Estonian society.

We started by working on the democratization of Belarus and development of Belarusian diaspora and culture. Since then we have expanded into educational projects with NGOs and opposition activists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, with media and fighting Russian propaganda: creation of ARU TV and cartoons, as well a organization of the Rubicon conference. Our organization has significant expertise in all of these areas.

Our organization follows the code of ethics of Estonian NGOs.


Our projects

At the moment we are working on the following projects.

  • ARU TV – anti-propaganda TV for post-Soviet and Baltic states (2014-2017)
  • RUBICON – a community of experts and a series of conferences in Estonia about the challenges of our region (2011-2016)
  • Trainings, consulting services and supporting NGOs in Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine
  • The Uresaare project – creation of a social enterprise and environment for meetings and education of civic activists from Baltic and post-Soviet countries (2017)
  • The Video for the Civic Activist project: video and animated production for our colleagues from the civil society of Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (2010-2017)
  • The Praleska cultural center: a cultural and educational initiative, working with families and children of Belarusian- and Russian-speaking residents of Estonia
  • The Congress of New Belarusian Diaspora of Europe and USA (2007-2017): working with a network of Belarusian organizations and initiatives