About Us


In December 2006 a group of Estonian and Belarusian activists created The New Way for Belarus NGO as a platform of supporting activities of democratically-oriented Belarusians of Estonia and The Third Way internet community. At that time we had problems with Belarusian authorities because we had created political satire (animated) about the life in our country. Our people – Pavel Marozau and Andrei Abozau – had to leave Belarus and ask for asylum in Estonia. During this period of more than ten years our organization has significantly expanded its range of activities, it has found its voice and become the leading Belarusian project organization in Estonia. Independently and together with our partners we have realized a number of projects and initiatives in the areas of information, education and culture. We have helped Estonians better understand what is going on in Belarus. Moreover, we have fostered the unification of new Belarusian diaspora in the region, development of the young generation of Belarusians and made uncensored information more available in Belarus. During this time we have been recognized not only by Belarusians but also by Estonian government and European Commission.


Our people

Every organization is all about people who work in it. We are proud of the fact that our organization has been able to unite under one roof Estonians, Belarusians and Russians of Estonia. We are more than 20 people now, mostly volunteers. We live not only in Estonia but in the EU and post-Soviet countries. Our multiculturalism makes us richer. We support global and liberal values. We have experienced professionals from the public sectors of Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, college and school students and Belarusian political refugees in Estonia. Our organization is governed by our Board of Directors. It includes public figures from Estonia, Latvia and Belarus: Pavel Marozau, Andrei Berdnikov, Grigory Korotych.